Gen. Edward L. Rowny Announces 2015 Paderewski Scholar Oskar Raczycki

By Michael Crowley
June 19, 2015
Washington, DC

American Polish Advisory Council President Edward L. Rowny is pleased to announce the arrival in Washington of Oskar Raczycki as the 2015 Paderewski Scholar. Last week, Mr. Raczycki began his summer session at George Mason University, where he is studying American-style democracy and market economics.

At the same time, he commences an internship at the Institute of International Finance.

Gen. Rowny established the Paderewski Scholarship in 2004. It is named for Ignacy Paderewski, the renowned Polish composer who argued successfully for the 13th Point of President Wilson’s “14 Points” on the Versailles Treaty negotiations which mandated a free and independent Poland. Paderewski also served as the first prime minister of the reconstituted Poland following World War I before returning to his musical career.

Mr. Raczycki’s impressive CV shows promise that he, like his scholarship predecessors, will be in the front ranks of the next generation of Poland's leaders. Oskar is about to graduate in international relations with a thesis on cybersecurity in U.S.-China relations. In 2013, his B.A. thesis won first place in the competition of the Polish Geopolitical Association. He also studies international economics and law. Oskar has worked as a legal assistant in SKS Legal (the first ranked law firm in Poland), was a member of AIESEC committee and project editor in Polish Humanitarian Action and for the last year worked as a research assistant at the Royal Danish Embassy in Warsaw.

“I am very pleased that we have been able to build funding for the scholarship and I look forward to continuing to do so,” Gen. Rowny said. “With Poland growing as an economy and assuming a leadership role in Europe as a strong American ally, I believe it is more important than ever that we welcome young Polish scholars to the United States to broaden their education.”

The scholarship covers tuition, board and round-trip airfare from Poland. Funds from the scholarship come from individual donors and an annual fundraising concert. To date, the Paderewski Scholarship Fund endowment is funded at $158,000 almost three quarters of the way to our goal of $214,000 to permanently endow the scholarship.

We welcome your support. To learn more and to contribute, please visit or contact Gen. Rowny at